The Wail of the Wendigo

An Early Adventure of Pierre Trudeau

ISBN 978-0-9936796-2-9

Twelve-year-old Pierre Trudeau learns he’s spending the summer in the Yukon and Northwest Territories, instead of with his friends in Montreal. As if that’s not bad enough, he’s forced to work with a know-it-all Dawson City boy named Pierre Berton who thinks Trudeau is a big city snob.

But the pair of Pierres call a truce after their fathers’ gold camp is attacked by something vicious — and maybe supernatural. After meeting a young indigenous girl named Henni, they soon learn about the terrible power of the Wendigo.

Against the stunning backdrop of the land of the midnight sun, two future Canadian icons must find a way to defeat a blood-thirsty menace from another century.

“An entertaining meld of fiction and fact that makes history come alive! A great read.”
— Eric Walters

The Hero of Hopewell Hill:

An Early Adventure of Richard Bennett

ISBN 978-0-9936796-0-5

Thirteen-year-old Richard Bennett thought his biggest problem this summer was his relationship with his father. But when Michael Killian arrives in Hopewell Hill in the summer of 1883, Richard and his friend learn that he intends to capture Fredericton to claim a new Irish homeland in New Brunswick – and he has no problem with getting blood on his hands to do it. Against the backdrop of the mighty Hopewell Rocks the future prime minister must find the courage to stop the invasion before the young country is ripped apart.

‘The Hero of Hopewell Hill’ was selected for inclusion in the Fall 2014 edition of Best Books for Kids & Teens Magazine!

Showdown at Border Town

An Early Adventure of Paul Martin

ISBN 978-0-9812433-8-2

It’s the summer of 1950 when secrets and danger collide for 12-year-old Paul Martin and his friends. When Tom Whitehawk arrives from the Walpole Indian Reserve, Paul and his friend, Abby, quickly welcome him. But soon after arriving, Tom vanishes without a trace. In their desperate search they trigger a series of events in the Colchester-Windsor area that will place all of their lives in danger.

“Showdown at Border Town rocketed me back to my favourite under-the-covers-with-a-flashlight-way-too-late-at-night reading when I was a kid. Mystery! Suspense! Really nasty bad guys! Hooray!”
— Tim Wynne-Jones

The Legends of Lake on the Mountain

An Early Adventure of John A. Macdonald

ISBN 978-0-9812433-2-0

When a grizzled old man shoves a decades-old treasure map into 13-year-old John A. Macdonald’s hands, he’s certain this will be the best summer ever. But that was before a humpback lake serpent is seen at twilight by the people of Stone Mills in the mysterious Lake on the Mountain. As people flee in panic, John knows his family might be next unless he can figure out what dwells in the lake in time.

“…a well-told and lively tale, exciting, human, funny…at times scary, of an adventure about a young boy who would grow up to become Canada’s first Prime Minister.”
— Richard Gwyn

The Mystery of the Moonlight Murder:

An Early Adventure of John Diefenbaker

ISBN 978-0-9812433-0-6

One hundred years ago, under the light of a full moon, 12-year-old John Diefenbaker and his younger brother, Elmer, are nearby when their neighbour is shot to death in a field. The murder in small-town Saskatchewan ignites a desperate search for the killer and when a family friend of the Diefenbakers is arrested for the murder, John is certain they have the wrong person. But with only five days left before the murder trial, time is running out…

“A fine book. I wish there had been such a fiction adventure when I was growing up…I will look for more of the historical adventures of young Prime Ministers.”
— Bill Selnes, Mysteries and More from Saskatchewan

You can still buy the e-book.

Arthur Meighen: A Way with Words

The Story of Canada’s Ninth Prime Minister

ISBN 978-1539538158

Arthur Meighen led Canada twice, yet both periods of time were brief against the crafty William Lyon Mackenzie King. He dominated his opponents with razor-sharp wit, conviction, and a photographic memory.

Out of all Canada’s Prime Ministers, he was truly unbeatable in debate. Yet for all his skills in winning arguments, he didn’t win the hearts of Canadians.

“Having known my grandfather as well as I did…I always considered him as living proof that politics is a noble calling…It is my hope that after reading Roderick Benns’ entertaining and faithful account of his life, you too will come to this conclusion.”
— Honourable Michael Meighen, retired senator, grandson of Arthur Meighen

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Roderick Benns

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